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ESL/Dual Language Program

When you enroll in our Dual Language Program each student will be carefully placed in appropriate classes specific to their skills. We look at each child’s current English level, Spanish level, and State Exam Scores.

Students who enroll in Dual Language programs in Middle School will be prepared to enter Dual Language in High School. Students graduating from the Dual Language High School earn their Bilingual Seal on their diplomas and are more competitive for scholarships and jobs opportunities.

What is Dual Language?

Two-way Dual-Language Immersion is designed to develop bilingualism & biliteracy in two languages.  It is for both English and Spanish speakers.

What is ESL?

ESL is an acronym that stands for English as a Second Language. It refers to teaching English to a person whose native or primary language is one other than English.


In many states—especially in Texas, New Mexico, New York, California, Illinois, and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area—active dual-language programs are providing win-win advantages for all students.

English learners have an opportunity to make faster-than-average progress on grade-level instruction that is not watered down. Native Spanish speakers who are already on grade level can exceed the achievement of their mono-lingually educated peers. And through the cognitive stimulus of schooling in two languages, which leads to enhanced creativity and analytical thinking, native Spanish speakers who are lagging behind academically receive the accelerated instruction necessary to close the achievement gap.

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