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Wilson Middle School

Student Dress Expectations


  • Clothing/ hats/accessories may not promote profanity, discriminatory language, alcohol, drugs/drug use, violence/weapons, images of nudity.

  •  Undergarments should not be visible at any time, with the exception of straps showing at the shoulder. Shirts should not expose cleavage. 

  • Hoodies, hats and beanies may be worn in the courtyard. Sunglasses may only be worn outside. It is the teacher’s discretion if hoodies, hats, or beanies can be worn in the classroom. 

  • Phones and earbuds are acceptable before school. They should not be visible after the morning bell until the end of the day (this includes lunch). It is the teacher’s discretion to allow the use of electronics for academic use only.

  • There is no limitation with the style of shoe being worn. Pajama slippers are not allowed. Tennis shoes are required for PE and athletic classes.

  • IDs must be with the student at all times.

  • Dress code violations could result in a request to change  clothing and confiscation of inappropriate items.


These expectations are in addition to the APS student dress code.



Attendance Line: 268 – 3961 ext. 27107


Attendance Information

Albuquerque Public Schools and Wilson Middle School strongly believes that daily school attendance is necessary for students to fully benefit from the instructional program.  Excessive absenteeism, regardless of the reason, will negatively impact student academic achievement.

  • A parent/guardian must notify the school each day that the student will be absent in accordance with the notification procedure established by the school.  Only the student’s parent/legal guardian may report an absence.
  • A parent/guardian shall keep the school informed of your current address and phone number for emergency notifications. 
  • An “absence” call will be sent out to the parent/legal guardian at 9:30 AM and again at 4:30 PM if the student still is not recorded as present.
  • Absences may be excused for the following reasons with appropriate documentation:
  • Illness (including chronic illness documented on a health plan, IEP or 504 plan)
  • Limited family emergencies; family deaths
  • Medical, health or legal appointments
  • Suspensions
  • Religious commitment
  • College visit
  • Limited extenuating circumstances as approved in advance by the school principal
  • All absences for other reasons are unexcused, including:
  • Family vacations outside of the normally scheduled school break
  • Non-school sponsored activities or trips.
  • Absences follow the student throughout the school year, from semester to semester and from school to school.
  • The parent/legal guardian of those students who reach the two (5) day unexcused absences will receive a phone call. 
  • The parent/legal guardian of those students with five (5) day unexcused absences will receive a phone call. Parent/legal guardian will be required to sign an attendance contract w/the school staff.
  • The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of students who have 10 full day unexcused absences will receive written notice of the habitual truancy by mail or by personal delivery.


Excessive Absences

  • Absences due to school-related activities shall not be included when evaluating excessive absences.
  • A student shall not be allowed more than ten (10) school-related absences per class per semester.
  • State law requires schools to withdraw a student after ten (10) consecutive days of absence. 

Cell Phones/Personal Electronic Devices

Student Acceptable Use of Personal Electronic Devices

  • The student who possesses a personal electronic device shall be solely responsible for its care.  Time will NOT be spent investigating lost or stolen devices.
  • All students may use these devices on campus before school begins and after school ends. No devices allowed during lunch or passing periods. Students must be appropriately using their device when allowed or privileges will be lost.  No video taping or taking photos unless it is part of a classroom assignment.
  • All devices, shall be kept in  the student's backpack and powered off during the school day and during any school-sponsored activity meeting or practice held on Albuquerque Public Schools property. 
  • The requirement that personal electronic devices be turned off may not apply in the following circumstances when the student obtains prior approval from the principal or his/her designee:
  • A teacher may allow a student to use the device for an educational or instructional purpose with the teacher’s permission and supervision. 
  • Personal electronic devices shall be permitted on school buses, as authorized by the driver, unless use of the personal electronic device causes a disruption on the school bus.
  • Student use of personal electronic devices shall be prohibited in areas including, but not limited to locker rooms, classrooms, bathrooms, and swimming pool areas.  If the phone or headphone is visible without prior permission, between 8:15 am and 3:05 pm, it will be taken, and locked in the office.  The parent will be notified and steps followed as per the attached agreement.
  • Students shall not use personal electronic devices on school property or at a school-sponsored activity to access and/or view Internet websites that are otherwise blocked to students at school.  Blocked sites include, but are not limited to, social networking sites and You Tube. 
  • Student use of personal electronic devices that disrupt the instructional day will result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the personal electronic device.  When a personal electronic device is confiscated, it shall only be released and/or returned to the student’s parent/legal guardian.  It is the student’s parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to retrieve the device according to school procedures.

Dress Code

The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school. Student dress may not present a potential for disruption to the instructional program.